How to Use Technology to Teach Kids Mathematics

By Megan - 11/21/2022

The rise of technology has worried many parents and teachers, as more kids turn to calculators and internet tools to solve their math problems. Although the digital age has brought new challenges, there are also many benefits that you can implement to advance your kid's math skills.

If you are interested in how to use technology to teach kids mathematics, this article is for you! Keep reading to learn about different tools and methods that could become beneficial resources for your children or students.

Why should you use technology in the classroom?

Two children practicing math on a laptopLearning is a unique process for everyone and not every kid has the same learning style. Technology provides teachers with a variety of learning tools that can support students through the learning process. Whether your kids are auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners, technology makes it possible to accommodate all of these learning styles.

Statistics from McKinsey and Company have revealed that students performed better in English when they used devices in the classroom. The same can be said about math, as more research shows the power of tech for strengthening comprehension and learning.

Younger generations today use the internet regularly and have an intuitive understanding of how to navigate the online world. Instead of removing technology, you should be integrating productive habits into classrooms and home life that bring out the best benefits of internet use.

Additionally, technology makes students active participants in the classroom which is essential for fact retention. In a typical lecture space, many young students will zone out of their lesson plans and struggle to learn the material at home. Technology makes it possible to include everyone while reducing the anxiety that often comes with speaking up in the classroom.

If you have access to the right tools, students can use technological platforms 24/7 to practice their math skills. There are so many personalized learning opportunities available today. As a result, parents and teachers can begin to target the unique strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Creative ways to use technology in the classroom or at home

If you want to make the most of your kid’s screen time, consider implementing these different math platforms into your curriculum or at-home study sessions. There are plenty of ways to get creative with technology so it becomes a benefit and not a detriment to education!

Enhance math education with online courses

Many teaching environments are moving towards online courses as it makes it easier to customize the learning experience for each student. If you are a teacher that wants to spice up your curriculum, or a parent that knows their child needs some extra help, consider online math courses like Brighterly. There are a variety of affordable options that can be used to fortify what kids are learning in class, strengthening their skills and retention.

Allow your kids to play online multiplication games

Math games are a great way to provide an incentive for kids while encouraging them to practice their skills. If you have a computer lab or devices in the classroom, consider creating stations where kids can spend time playing educational multiplication games. There are a variety of free options on our website that suit kids of all skill sets and interests!

Use Kahoot in the classroom to practice skills

Kahoot is a great platform where students can use their cell phones to create a username and join the collective game. Teachers can project the main screen onto the projector or whiteboard, creating an interactive environment for students. Kahoot will go through a series of time questions, allowing students to pick the right answer from four multiple-choice options.

After the timer is up, the screen will alert the class who got the answers right and who is leading the scoreboard. Kahoot is popular among students in K-12 across a variety of subjects. Instead of calling on students, or having them fill out worksheets, practice math skills in a positive environment like Kahoot!

Play memorable YouTube videos in the classroom

YouTube is a great resource for teachers if you know what to look for online. Consider playing catchy songs that teach kids the basics of multiplication or solving a lesson. There are also interactive videos that will show hands-on ways to use math in real life, which can be an engaging way for kids to learn and retain information.

Final Takeaway

If you are struggling to make the best of the digital age, or feel like your kids spend way too much time getting distracted online, hopefully, these tips give you ideas on how to use technology to your advantage. Although many of us were resistant to technology at first, it can be a helpful and productive resource for people of all ages. Kids are growing up in the digital world, which is why it’s so beneficial to teach them how to leverage the internet for learning, memory retention, and success.

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