Welcome to MultiplicationGames.com, a fun and educational website. As the name implies, here you can learn all the multiplication tables no matter what grade you’re in. We have tables for all levels. The exercises on this site are provided in the form of multiplication games. Not only is this a lot of fun, you’ll learn math to boot.

The most popular multiplication games are listed below. Look for a fun task, try to solve all the multiplication equations and keep beating your record. You can play our exercises against the computer, but we also have games where you have to solve equations together with other players in your class or from other schools. Enjoy!

Multiplication Space Race
How good are you at doing math in your head? Here you..
Gravity Math
Solve all the math equations and use gravity to run through..
Jet Math
Solve multiplication tables with a flying jet pack chicken.
Multiplication Kart
Your kart will go faster and faster as you correctly solve..
Math Path
Solve the equations and roll through the right answers with..
Baby Race
In this game you have to race against babies and solve math..
Penguin Jump Multiplication
Practice multiplication tables against children from all over..
Ocean Cleanup
Clean the ocean while solving math problems, try to reach..
Multiplication Mouse
This math game is fun for all grades; you can choose from..
Multiplication Bowling
In this game you learn all the multiplication tables and..
Times Tables Shooting
In this fun game you try to solve a multiplication table in just..
Super Multiplication Runner
Run towards the correct answers and try to collect all..
Multiplication Practice
A simple but educational game where you learn tables 1 to 12..
Splashy Multiplication
Calculate the multiplication equations and pimp the fish..
Tug Team
Practice multiplication tables with other kids in groups of 4..