Ocean Cleanup
Ocean Cleanup
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  • The ocean is filled with plastic and other rubbish that doesn't belong in it. For the creatures of the sea, it has become impossible to distinguish food from plastic, so something definitely needs to be done about this. In this game, you will enter the sea with a remote controlled boat to fish as much garbage out of the sea as possible. Each item has a number on it and in the upper right corner of the game, you will see a sum. The goal is to aim at the correct answer with your fishing line. In this way, you will clean up the ocean and practice your tables at the same time! Each level comes with a certain goal, it starts at 40 kilograms of rubbish, but the further you get, the higher the goal becomes. Also, the hook that you need for grabbing the plastic and the trash will start moving faster and faster. If you can't finish your goal within 1 minute, it's game over. So try to aim as well as possible, the creatures of the sea will be grateful to you for cleaning up their ocean!
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