Frequently Asked Questions

How do our games work?

Practicing a multiplication table on our website is rather simple. You can choose a table in the menu to see equations, from easy to difficult. Every game is different, so you have to look carefully to see where exactly you need to click or tap and enter the answers. You can play the multiplication games directly on the website; no need to download anything first. You can find a detailed explanation in the multiplication game itself. Read this before starting with the exercise.

Can I also play the multiplication games on my tablet or phone?

Yes, you can. We use HTML5, which is software that ensures the games will work properly on any device. So it doesn’t matter whether you want to practice a multiplication table on a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet with the Windows, IOS or Android operating systems, because they will work everywhere and on any browser. The only disadvantage of playing on different devices every time is that your score will be saved separately on each device and will therefore likely differ. By the way, we no longer have any apps in the store, since our multiplication games automatically change into free web apps if you want to play them on your cell phone or tablet. Easy peasy.

I want to play a multiplication game but it won’t start.

What exactly is the problem? Do you see a white screen with absolutely no table game to be seen? Then you can go through several steps. First try to refresh your browser; in most cases the game will work now. Still not working? Then try a different browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge. We do not recommend using the outdated browser Internet Explorer. If, after all this, you still don’t have a solution to your problem, send us an email and we will solve it for you.

Are all math games on your site completely free?

Yes, all online multiplication games on are free. Even the games that are played directly on the tablet version don’t cost anything, and we will never ask for money. We like to create these kinds of web apps, which are also educational, which is why you can use them for free. There is some occasional advertising on the website in order to reduce our costs.

I don’t understand the games on your website.

Do you not understand them at all or are you unable to get through a game? That’s not a problem. We developed most of the multiplication table games, so we know exactly how they work. You can complete the contact form on our website to ask your question, and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Can I become a developer of

Good of you to ask, because the answer is yes, you can! We regularly get sent fun games created by our users. We carefully examine all of these games and place the best and most fun ones on our site – along with your name, of course, if you want this. The only condition is that the games must work in HTML5. We also welcome new ideas, so that we can improve our products even more.