Info about Math

Our website only has multiplication games, but there’s much more to math, of course. In addition to multiplication, you can also add, subtract and divide. Playing games is lots of fun for kids, and if they can learn math at the same time, that’s a great bonus. Playing our math games will very quickly teach them to multiply. There simply isn’t a faster and more fun way to learn! What’s more, these games are a lot better for a child’s development than other games. Unfortunately, lots of parents don’t let their kids play games even though games can be so educational. In fact, they have a very positive impact on a child’s math knowledge.

Math games really work

Multiple researchers recently studied the effect of our games on the math skills of children. The result was that students who played the games were quite a bit faster at solving equations. They also made fewer mistakes and minded doing math a lot less than children who didn’t play these games and only learned math from books. Children who regularly practice our multiplication games begin to associate math with the games at a given moment, so they like it when they get to solve a multiplication table. That’s because they don’t think of it as solving equations but as playing a game!

For whom are the math games intended?

Whether you’re just starting to learn math or you’re a seasoned mathlete, everyone is sure to find fun multiplication games on this website. We have both easy and difficult multiplication exercises on the site, so you can challenge yourself! Playing a math game is the ideal way to become comfortable with doing math, because you have fun at the same time. We have plenty of challenging tasks for students in higher grades as well. These kids need lots of practice because they have to solve so many different kinds of math problems, and practicing our tables will help them with that. Maybe you’ll even find a hidden talent for math!

Absolutely not boring

Maybe playing multiplication games and doing math on the Internet in general sounds boring, simply because it involves so much math. But the opposite is true. The objective of many of our multiplication games is to solve the equations as quickly as possible, turning math into an extra challenge. If you don’t solve the equations quickly, you will probably not win the game. And if you do win, you can continually try to improve your high score. Also, all the games have a different theme. In one you have to solve equations and collect coins, while in another you solve tasks with a running mouse. The multiplication games were specially designed to be fun. The fact that you are doing math while playing is a way to simultaneously impart lots of knowledge, so that the player also learns a lot during the game. But having fun when playing the game is the most important thing!