Multiplication Snake
Multiplication Snake
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  • This is a combination of the classic Snake game and practicing multiplication tables. The funny snake from this game is very hungry and particularly craves correct answers. That's fortunate because in the field through which the snake slithers, you will see 2 numbers at a time, these are possible answers to the multiplication problems displayed at the top of the game. Only one of these answers is correct, and if you choose the right one, you fill the snake's tummy, making its body longer. But be careful, if you choose a wrong answer, the game is over, and you start all over again from the beginning. Also, make sure you don't touch the edges of the field. The more correct answers you eat, the longer you become, and if you reach a certain length, you will get a surprise. We can't tell you what it is yet, you have to find out for yourself. How long will your multiplication table snake get?
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