This Fun Math Game Teaches Kids About Ocean Conservation

By Megan - 10/22/2022

The importance of taking care of the planet has never been more important than it is today. As our younger generations grow up, we want to ensure a healthy and happy environment where they can thrive. By leading with education at a young age, kids can begin to understand their unique environmental footprint and how they can give back with small yet impactful actions.

This new children's game, Ocean Cleanup, is a fun and interactive environment where kids can clean up the ocean and save the diverse wildlife that resides in the deep sea.

In this article, we will cover the importance of taking care of the ocean, as well as more information about the multiplication game Ocean Cleanup!

The Downfalls of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Every year over 8 million tons of plastic end up in our ocean, plaguing our precious waters with litter. Sea wildlife are unable to identify what is food and what is plastic waste, causing them to eat or get entangled in toxic materials.

We are seeing a large decrease in the diversity of our oceans, as well as the population of important ocean species. If we don’t make a change, scientists predict that the ocean’s plastic pollution will triple by 2050.

Infographic on the decomposition time of waste in the oceanThe majority of plastic today is single-use plastic, which means it’s only used one time before it’s thrown away. Plastic can take over 400 years to break down, so it sticks around our planet for years, continually causing more harm.

Unfortunately, the use of plastic is so abundant in the world today that people dispose of it poorly, neglect to pick up after themselves, or grow desensitized to the amount of litter left behind on our beaches.

By teaching kids how to clean up our beaches, we can raise an environmentally conscious generation of young adults that have the tools and resources to make a difference. Raising awareness and leading with education about environmental repair tactics is essential for the future of our planet.

Ocean Cleanup Teaches Kids Multiplication and Environmental Awareness at the Same Time

Ocean Cleanup game level 1In the game Ocean Cleanup, the user goes through the sea with an RC boat to rid the ocean of trash. Each item of trash has a number on it, and in the top right corner, you’ll see a sum. The goal is to aim at the correct answer to multiplication questions with the fishing line.

Each level comes with a different goal, the user starts at 40 kg of trash, but the further they get, the higher the goal becomes. Eventually, the trash and the hook will start moving faster, encouraging the user to get quicker with their answers. If you can’t finish the goal in 1 minute, the game is over.

This game is great for teachers because it teaches kids about the importance of ocean cleanup while allowing them to practice their multiplication tables. With every piece of trash they clean up, they are able to save the creatures of the sea! Instead of merely running multiplication drills, kids can feel stimulated in a fun and educational environment.